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Work & Leisure

Sports & Leisure
Visiting the Gym Not all exercises and apparatus are suitable for everyone.

Swimming Although very good exercise sometimes stroke techniques used cause problems.

Parents and Grandparents Babies get heavier all the time. Positions that cause strains on your body include nappy changing, bathing, carrying, lifting the child into cots, car seats and pushchairs.

Teenagers Repetitive Strains |Injuries are caused by carry heavy school bags, playing and carrying musical instruments, computers whether for study of games used for long periods adopting bad sitting position. Over use of texting on mobile phone. Using Laptop balanced knees slouched on sofa or on the bed! Long periods of revision without taking breaks to stretch and change position.

Computers in the work place. Importance of correct sitting and computer position and regular breaks to prevent back and neck problems. Repetive strain injury using the Mouse. Laptop position important particularly for long periods especially on the train.

Gardening Although good for you, in access can cause you much pain through, bending, twisting, stretching, lifting and digging. Care should be taken not to do too much at a time

Driving Whether you are a driver or passenger, drive a car or lorry your position in the car will determine whether you will be free from pain. Correct driving position, regular breaks to stretch and walk will help. Take care lifting children into car seats and loading and unloading luggage on roof racks and in boot. If you are unfortunate to be involved in an accident Osteopathy can help with pain injury, especially whiplash-type injuries.

Work strain All types of work cause twisting, stress, and strains of some type. Working at a computer, unccomfortable seating, standing all day, continually writing, driving for long periods, bending, lifting heavy items, continually using the telephone or by just rushing to meet the deadline. How would you assess your job?

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