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Babies symptoms

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Crying: Babies may not only cry a lot but can be restless, fractious, aggravated by loud noises, prefer to be carried than laid down and take a long time to settle to sleep.

Feeding: Babies feed quickly and easily with 3-4 hours between each feed, others feed so slowly that one feed merges into the next. Some babies fall asleep while feeding and so wake up hungry 2-3 hours later. The baby may become more 'windy' or in a 'snack & nap' habit - neither are particularly good for the digestion. Babies can also have problems latching onto the breast or bottle making feeding more stressful for both parents and baby. Sometimes this is due to the jaw not sitting totally comfortably often as a result of sitting in one position for a long time during the pregnancy or a result of a position during the birth. Making this more comfortable normally results in easier latching on. Other suggestions for helping feeding can be suggested in the meantime.

Severe crying, lots of hiccups and digestive issues: People instantly diagnose a crying baby as having wind or teething. In reality wind is only one of the reasons a baby may cry incessantly, however it can be a painful reality for some babies. Newborn babies can take a couple of weeks to uncoil from their pregnancy position. During this time some of the muscles, particularly the hip flexors, can stay tight causing an uncomfortable stomach and wind may get caught hence they try to solve the problem themselves with thrashing arms/legs and arching. Releasing the muscles involved can often help the baby uncoil and may make their stomach feel more comfortable.

Sleep Disturbances & Settling Issues: Things, apart from feeding, can interfere with the sleeping pattern. Babies can be prevented from falling into a really deep sleep by discomfort in their head or can have an aggravated nervous system and so awake suddenly at the slightest noise. They may also not like lying on their backs as the neck can have restrictions or tight muscles making it very difficult for them to settle.

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