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Good start for your child

Cranial for all the family
Motherhood is a turning point in most women's lives and every pregnancy is special. Pregnancy, birth and the joys of being a new Mum are generally a time of great family celebration. Sometimes pregnancy and childbirth can be a tough time for new mothers as it introduces a new set of stresses & strains.

The safety of the mother & baby is the practitioners first concern. The extra weight of carrying a baby during and even after the birth can cause these stresses, strains and postural changes leading to back pain or other symptoms. In pregnancy, hormonal changes may also disturb water balance & carbohydrate (sugar) metabolism, leaving an expectant Mum feeling both large and sick.

This is where structural and cranial osteopathy can play a part. The treatments are a safe, drug free way of reducing the aches and pains of pregnancy along with headache to digestion and helping the body to adapt to the changes taking place. They work with the body making sure that the joints are moving optimally, relaxing the muscles to carry out their function during delivery. What is often forgotten is that pregnancy and childbirth are natural processes that the body has been designed for. The stresses of modern living can cause an imbalance within these structures making pregnancy and birth more troublesome.

Osteopathic medicine can help both expectant and new mothers to cope with a range of these physical stresses including returning to pre-pregnancy weight, appropriate postural advice, exercise to tone up loosened and stretched abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. Advice will be given on how to avoid hip, knee and back pain. These problems may occur by adopting bad posture while carrying, changing and bathing the baby.

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