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Sports & Leisure
Osteopathy can treat a whole variety of sports induced injuries as well as helping to prevent them. Re-educate and rehabilitate to prevent reoccurring problems. Sports specific exercises can be given including warm up and cool down. Do the right exercises for your sport.

In a busy world with so much emphasis on being fit & healthy - sports and active hobbles are becoming a regular part of everyday life. It is just as important for us to take this part as seriously as your Job, occupational setup (work station) or driving position. Minor aches and pains can lead to strains, sprains & reduced efficiency rather than progression and improvement. A few examples are:

Visiting the Gym: Not all exercises and apparatus are suitable for everyone.

Swimming: Although very good exercise sometimes stroke techniques used cause problems.

Golf- tight hunched shoulders and stiff backs can reduce your swing; increase your handicap when you want to decrease it!

Running/athletics - Muscle imbalance will reduce your stride and can increase your times at the same time you could be increasing your risk of injury.

Tennis - gripping a racket too tightly or having the wrong grip size can contribute to tennis elbow but did you know that bad posture can start to cause an imbalance making you grip the racket tighter?

Yoga/Pilates - both great exercises but make sure you are not strengthening already tight muscles. If you stretch and re-educate them first the exercises will be more effective. Personal training is available at the Practice.

Examples can also be found for walking, cycling, football, rugby, hockey, gymnastics and many more.

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